Team Comes Together

I'm a big fan of planning, which is good…because as a busy wife, a mom of three young boys, and a therapist/life coach with a busy practice, it's totally necessary. Ask me about any aspect of my life and I'll show you a to-do list that's six-feet long. We all need a system to manage the chaos.

And that's what Episode Four of Mission Makeover is all about: Getting organized. During this week's show, the contestants are equipped with lots of amazing tools to encourage their health. There's a great workout plan…a fantastic diet/nutrition/supplement program…and awesome gear. Success is inevitable with all this stuff, right?



Because while all of these things are INCREDIBLY useful and helpful to our ladies, there is another tool they'll need in their planning arsenals.

The knowledge that every road to success is paved with ups, downs, twists, and turns; the understanding that if you're going to embark on a life- and habit- changing journey you're not only going to have to work hard and steadily, but you're going to have to expect the unexpected.

And this applies to all of you as well…whatever goals you have.

Because the truth is that even if you do everything prescribed and everything right, there are going to be days, weeks, and months, where you are just not where you hoped. That may be a weight or fitness goal you don't meet (some weeks, you may even be up a few pounds). Or, it may be an interview, audition, test, or date that doesn't go your way.

And I'm not saying these things could happen. I'm telling you, they WILL. Why? Because despite the best planning and organization you will do, not everything is in your control.

And don't feel singled out or sabotaged. These kinds of things happen to everyone sometimes. You need to expect them so that you stay the course regardless. You need to know this because it makes the victories twice as sweet.

There's a saying-and though it's a bit cliché-it's true: Life is a journey, not a destination. This also applies to all the parts of your life, including working toward your goals. So keep in mind, that journeys have delays, layovers, rainy days, lost luggage, and sunburns. So, should you not take the trip? Of course you should! Go for it! But, please, don't be disarmed by the setbacks. They really won't matter in the long run.

When it comes to meeting your goals, BE Prepared. Do as much as you can TO prepare (for instance, if you're trying to exercise in the mornings, lay out your clothes, water bottle, and music before bed; if you're dieting, have healthy snacks at hand), but also understand that you'll have your share of challenges. Do not lose focus.

Wishing you clarity and peace,

Dr. Jessica