Knowledge Is Power

Hi, there, everyone.

It was great to be in this week's episode of Mission Makeover and to show you that there is a real person behind my name, face, and words. I hope you got a sense of my energy, and what I am and have always been about: helping others by sharing my tools for success.

First, a confession: I had NO idea how I was going to come across on tv. Would I look ok? Would I seem authoritative? Inspiring? Would the show-s editing represent me as I am? Between us, I lost more than a little sleep over this.

You see, everyone has insecurities. We just have to be aware of them--and let ourselves feel them--in order to conquer them. That's how I manage mine. And that is exactly what I did with the contestants this week; I guided them to name, feel, and then reposition ("flip") whatever-s has been hurting them. I wanted these brave women to identify exactly what in their pasts and their thinking has stood between them and their health.

Now, in my practice, whether I am working with children, families, couples, or adults, I use physical, tangible tools whenever they makes sense. Sometimes, an item can serve as a visual reminder to reframe a client-s negative thinking. Other times, like during this episode, it can represent the source of one-s pain…the THING that-s holding someone back.

The blue crystals that I shared with the contestants this week were used to represent their "kryptonite", their weakness. I helped the women identify and label exactly what has been weighing them down, both literally and metaphorically. Why? Because whether their kryptonite was guilt, anger, abuse, fear of abandonment, or any combination of these things, acknowledging it...looking at it... is where real transformation begins.