I am passionate about making a difference in children’s lives, which is why I obtained my certification as a Licensed Play Therapist.

What Is Play Therapy?

Children, by their very nature, do not have the verbal language or maturity to express their thoughts or feelings, and they may feel a bit guarded about expressing their feelings. But in Play Therapy, toys are the words and play is the language and the barriers come down.

Through play, I help children express what is troubling them and teach them adaptive behaviors that can compensate for emotional or social skills deficits. The bond that we create provides an emotional experience necessary for healing and provides insights about a child’s cognitive development and thinking patterns.

How Does It Work?

Play therapy enables children to change the way they think about and feel toward their world. Even the most serious of issues can be confronted and resolved through play--via discoveries, rehearsals, and adaptations.

Who Can Benefit?

Play therapy is a treatment of choice among mental health, school, agency, developmental, hospital, residential, and recreational settings with clients of all ages. It is designed to address issues ranging from anger management, grief and loss, divorce and family dissolution, crisis and drama, and modification of behavioral disorders (anxiety, depression, ADHD, developmental issues including autism, disabilities, and conduct disorders).